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The Killers

Burt Lancaster

'Swede' Andersen

Ava Gardner

Kitty Collins

Edmond O'Brien

Jim Reardon

Albert Dekker

Big Jim Colfax

Sam Levene

Lt. Sam Lubinsky

Vince Barnett


Virginia Christine

Lilly Harmon Lubinsky

Jack Lambert

'Dum-Dum' Clarke

Charles D. Brown

Packy Robinson - Ole's Manager

Donald MacBride

R.S. Kenyon

Charles McGraw


William Conrad


Jeff Corey

Blinky Franklin (uncredited)

Gino Corrado

Restaurant Chef (uncredited)

Frank McLure

Restaurant Patron (uncredited)

Howard Freeman

Brentwood Police Chief (uncredited)

Charles Middleton

Farmer (uncredited)

Queenie Smith

Mary Ellen 'Queenie' Daugherty (uncredited

William Ruhl

Fran (uncredited)

Ernie Adams

Hood with Cane (uncredited)

Frank Baker

Fight Spectator (uncredited)

John Sheehan

Fight Arena Doctor (uncredited)

Brooks Benedict

Party Guest (uncredited)

Edward Biby

Cafe Patron (uncredited)

Florence Wix

Cafe Patron (uncredited)

Harry Brown

Paymaster (uncredited)

Phil Brown

Nick Adams (uncredited)

Noel Cravat

Lou Tingle (uncredited)

Nolan Leary

Green Cat Waiter (uncredited)

Harry Hayden

George (uncredited)

Mark Hellinger

Man Drinking at Bar (uncredited)

Al Hill

Disgruntled Diner Patron (uncredited)

Kenner G. Kemp

Passerby Outside Theatre / Green Cat Patro

Ethan Laidlaw

Train Conductor (uncredited)

Howard Negley

Policeman (uncredited)

Vera Lewis

Ma Hirsch (uncredited)

John Miljan

Jake the Rake (uncredited)

Garry Owen

Joe Smalley (uncredited)

Beatrice Roberts

Nurse (uncredited)

Bill Walker

Sam (uncredited)

Robert Siodmak


Ernest Hemingway


Mark Hellinger


Miklós Rózsa


John Huston


Richard Brooks


Melville Shyer


Gil Perkins


Vera West

Costume & Make-Up

Mark Hellinger


Short Details

Two hit men walk into a diner asking for a man called "the Swede". When the killers find the Swede, he's expecting them and doesn't put up a fight. Since the Swede had a life insurance policy, an investigator, on a hunch, decides to look into the murder. As the Swede's past is la. . .

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