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Joan Crawford

Louise Howell

Van Heflin

David Sutton

Raymond Massey

Dean Graham

Geraldine Brooks

Carol Graham

Stanley Ridges

Dr. Willard

John Ridgely

Chief investigator of drowning

Moroni Olsen

Dr. Ames - Mrs. Smith's psychiatrist

Erskine Sanford

Dr. Sherman - Graham's physician at inques

Isabel Withers

Nurse Rosen

Lisa Golm

Elsie - Graham's maid in DC

Douglas Kennedy

District Attorney at inquest

Monte Blue

Norris - lake house caretaker

Don McGuire

Dr. Craig - Dr. Willard's asst.

Rory Mallinson

Coroner's assistant

Clifton Young


Griff Barnett


Curtis Bernhardt


Jerry Wald


Robert Burks


Short Details

A dazed woman walks the streets of Los Angeles looking for a man named David. After collapsing in a diner, she's taken to the psychiatric ward of a nearby hospital. Flashbacks reveal her obsession for David as a result of borderline personality disorder which ultimately leads to . . .

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