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Where the Sidewalk Ends

Dana Andrews

Det. Sgt. Mark Dixon

Gene Tierney

Morgan Taylor

Gary Merrill

Tommy Scalise

Bert Freed

Det. Sgt. Paul Klein

Tom Tully

Jiggs Taylor

Karl Malden

Det. Lt. Thomas

Ruth Donnelly


Craig Stevens

Ken Paine

Ian MacDonald

Detective Casey (uncredited)

John McGuire

Detective Gertessen (uncredited)

Clarence Straight

Detective (uncredited)

Robert Williams

Detective (uncredited)

John Daheim

Scalise Hoodlum (uncredited)

Neville Brand

Steve, Scalise Hood (uncredited)

Clancy Cooper

Police Desk Sergeant Murphy (uncredited)

Charles Tannen

Police Radio Dispatcher #79 (voice) (uncre

Robert Foulk

Fenney (uncredited)

Kathleen Hughes

Secretary (uncredited)

Louise Lorimer

Mrs. Jackson (uncredited)

Eda Reiss Merin

Mrs. Shirley Klein (uncredited)

Grayce Mills

Mrs. Tribaum, Paine's Landlady (uncredited

David McMahon

Harrington (uncredited)

Robert F. Simon

Insp. Nicholas Foley (uncredited)

Chili Williams

Teddy (uncredited)

Anthony George

Scalise Hoodlum (uncredited)

Otto Preminger


Ben Hecht


Otto Preminger


Joseph LaShelle


Short Details

Tough NYC police detective Dixon misses out on a promotion because of his record of roughing up suspects. When he accidentally kills a suspect in a murder case he plants clues to absolve himself. But when the father of a woman he recently fell in love with is accused of the crime. . .

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