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X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes

Ray Milland

Dr. James Xavier

Harold J. Stone

Dr. Sam Brant

John Hoyt

Dr. Willard Benson

Don Rickles


Dick Miller

John Trask, Heckler (uncredited)

Jonathan Haze

Heckler (uncredited)

John Dierkes

Preacher (uncredited)

Morris Ankrum

Mr. Bowhead (uncredited)

Roger Corman


Roger Corman


Les Baxter


Short Details

The story concerns Dr James Xavier, ably portrayed by Ray Milland. He has invented a serum for improving human vision. When his funding is cut he proceeds to experiment on himself -- with horrifying results. From the director who gave you Swamp Women, The Wasp Woman, and The Beas. . .

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