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Kelly's Heroes

Clint Eastwood

Sergeant First Class Kelly

Telly Savalas

Master Sergeant "Big Joe"

Don Rickles

Staff Sergeant "Crapgame"

Carroll O'Connor

Major General Colt

Donald Sutherland

Sgt. Oddball (tank commander)

Gavin MacLeod

Moriarty (tank crewman)

Stuart Margolin

Pvt. Little Joe

Jeff Morris

Pvt. Cowboy

Richard Davalos

Pvt. Gutowski

Perry Lopez

Pvt. Petuko

Harry Dean Stanton

Pvt. Willard

Len Lesser

Platoon Sgt. Bellamy (42nd Engineers)

George Savalas

1st Sgt. Mulligan (artillerly unit)

Karl-Otto Alberty

German tank commander

Ross Elliott


Sandy McPeak

Second Tank Commander

Read Morgan

U.S. Lieutenant

Tom Signorelli


Brian G. Hutton


Lalo Schifrin


Gabriel Figueroa


Alf Joint


Short Details

A misfit group of World War II American soldiers goes AWOL to rob a bank behind German lines.

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