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The Apple Dumpling Gang

Don Knotts

Gangster Theodore Ogelvie

Tim Conway

Gangster Amos Tucker

Harry Morgan

Sheriff McCoy

Bill Bixby

Russel Donavan

Susan Clark

Magnolia Dusty Clydesdale

David Wayne

Colonel T.R. Clydesdale

Slim Pickens

Frank Stillwell

Harry Morgan

Homer McCoy

John McGiver

Leonard Sharpe

Dennis Fimple

Rudy Hooks

Iris Adrian

Poker Polly

Fran Ryan

Mrs. Stockley

Bing Russell

Herm Dally

Olan Soule

Rube Cluck

Norman Tokar


Short Details

A roving bachelor gets saddled with three children and a wealth of trouble when the youngsters stumble upon a huge gold nugget. They join forces with two bumbling outlaws to fend off the greedy townspeople and soon find themselves facing a surly gang of sharpshooters.

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