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Patricia Arquette

Frankie Paige

Gabriel Byrne

Father Andrew Kiernan

Jonathan Pryce

Cardinal Daniel Houseman

Nia Long

Donna Chadway

Thomas Kopache

Father Durning

Rade Serbedzija

Marion Petrocelli

Enrico Colantoni

Father Dario

Dick Latessa

Father Gianni Delmonico

Portia de Rossi

Jennifer Kelliho

Patrick Muldoon


Ann Cusack

Dr. Reston

Shaun Toub


Shaun Duke

Dr. Eckworth

Ve Neill

Costume & Make-Up

Short Details

A young woman with no strong religious beliefs, Frankie Paige begins having strange and violent experiences, showing signs of the wounds that Jesus received when crucified. When the Vatican gets word of Frankie's situation, a high-ranking cardinal requests that the Rev. Andrew Ki. . .

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