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The Eye

Jessica Alba

Sydney Wells

Alessandro Nivola

Dr. Paul Faulkner

Parker Posey

Helen Wells

Rade Serbedzija

Simon McCullough

Fernanda Romero

Ana Christina Martinez

Obba Babatundé

Dr. Haskins

Rachel Ticotin

Rosa Martinez

Chlo√ę Grace Moretz

Alicia Millstone

Tamlyn Tomita

Mrs. Cheung

Karen Austin

Mrs. Hillman

Mia Stallard

Little Girl

David Moreau


Sebastian Gutierrez


Peter Chan


Patrick Lussier


Marco Beltrami


Short Details

Violinist Sydney Wells was accidentally blinded by her sister Helen when she was five years old. She submits to a cornea transplantation, and while recovering from the operation, she realizes that she is seeing dead people.

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