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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Cate Blanchett

Daisy Fuller

Brad Pitt

Benjamin Button

Tilda Swinton

Elizabeth Abbott

Julia Ormond

Caroline Fuller

Elle Fanning

Daisy Age 7

Madisen Beaty

Daisy Age 10

Jason Flemyng

Thomas Button

Elias Koteas

Monsieur Gateau

Taraji P. Henson


Josh Stewart

Pleasant Curtis

Faune A. Chambers

Dorothy Baker

Donna DuPlantier

Blanche Devereux

Jacob Tolano

Martin Gateau

Ed Metzger

Teddy Roosevelt

Danny Vinson

Priest Giving Last Rites

David Jensen

Doctor at Benjamin's Birth

Joeanna Sayler

Caroline Button

Rus Blackwell

Robert Williams

Mahershala Ali

Tizzy Weathers

Adrian Armas


Phyllis Somerville

Grandma Fuller

Lance E. Nichols


David Ross Paterson

Walter Abbott

Fiona Hale

Mrs. Hollister

Marion Zinser

Mrs. Horton

Edith Ivey

Mrs. Maple

Patrick Thomas O'Brien

Dr. Rose

Ted Manson

Mr. Daws

Clay Cullen

Young Mr. Daws

Peter Donald Badalamenti II

Benjamin 1928-31

Paula Gray

Sybil Wagner

Jared Harris

Captain Mike

Earl Maddox

Man at Train Station

Bianca Chiminello

Ballerina Who Ties Up Shoelace (uncredited

Emma Degerstedt

Ballet Dancer (uncredited)

Megan Brown

Woman Kissing Benjamin (uncredited)

Clay Chamberlin

The Grumpy Sailor (uncredited)

Eric Roth


David Fincher


Kathleen Kennedy


Frank Marshall


Jacqueline West

Costume & Make-Up

Kirk Baxter


Ren Klyce


Ren Klyce


Dan Abrams


Mickey Giacomazzi


Anthony Rizzo

Visual Effects

Alexandre Desplat


Short Details

Tells the story of Benjamin Button, a man who starts aging backwards with bizarre consequences.

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