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Little Big Soldier

Jackie Chan

The Liang soldier

Leehom Wang

The Wei general

Steve Yoo

Prince Wen

Lin Peng

The Songstress

Do Yuk-Ming

Guard Wu

Ken Lo

Guard Yong

Yu Rong-Guang

Deputy General Yu

Wu Yue


Jin Song

Lou Fan Wei

Xu Dongmei

Lou Fan Yan

Baoqiang Wang

Exploration reporter

Niu Ben


Ding Sheng


Jackie Chan


Zhao Xiaoding


Ding Sheng


Short Details

The story of a farmer forced into conscription, who has been looking to get out of the army ever since. His great chance arrives when he stumbles upon a wounded general from an enemy state, and he kidnaps him, intending to claim credit for the capture, which includes five "mu" of. . .

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